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Tips for Applying for a Credit Card

Although getting your first credit card might prove to be a hectic process, at first, it is worth it. This card resembles a loan but instead of taking the whole amount at once and repaying in installments the money is put in your credit card so that you can use it in a more flexible way. If you want to apply for a credit card you must have a good credit history as most companies only give credit to those who have a good credit rating and who are able to settle their payments before the due date.

Apply for a Credit Card

Open a transaction account

Many banks want you to have a main bank account before applying for a credit card. This means you need to open a transaction account with them where you have your salary or the proceeds from your business deposited. Applying for the card as an existing customer will definitely speed up the process. This is because they will ask you few questions since they already know you as an existing customer. Also, as an existing customer, you can get a more accurate response to your application.

Deposit some funds into your existing account

Remember, the bank will be calculating what you qualify for based on your assets, deposits, income, and expenses. If you deposit an amount of money that is above the average for someone of your profile then you are likely to succeed in your application. One way to ensure that this succeeds is to ensure that the bank takes into account all your savings in your savings or transaction account. This will allow the credit card application system to verify your balance and determine whether you can service the limit.

Apply for higher tier cards

Instead of going for lower tier cards, apply for higher tier cards. If you apply for a higher tier cards but your transactions show that you are not able to service the amount then you are likely to be considered for lower tier credit cards. On the other hand applying for a lower credit card does not guarantee that the bank or the credit card company will approve your card. Do not be hesitant to ask for a higher amount to avoid missing out. If you do not do this it might take some time before your card is approved.

Pay promptly

Once your card has been approved ensure that you always make prompt payment before the due date. Defaulting or paying lately may end up spoiling your credit history. This will, therefore, make it impossible for the bank to approve your card if you are applying next time or even lead to cancellation of the card that you already have. But if you make timely payments the credit card company will surely approve your subsequent application quickly.

Above all applying for a credit card is not as hard as you may think. It only takes a few quick steps once you have mastered the tips. These are the tips for applying for a credit card.